Dogs day out 2023

Burns Dogs Day Out 2023!

"Dogs' Day Out 2023" is a celebration of Burns' 30th Birthday, a dog-friendly event open to everyone. The event features a variety of fun-packed activities for dogs and dog lovers, including have-a-go activities and a fun dog show. Small businesses, including Brubonchi Pet Clothing & Accessories, will be present for shopping opportunities. Professional pet nutritionists will be available for free advice, and there will be a Vets and First Aid stalls. The event will be held at Margam Country Park, providing an easily accessible venue for dogs to run, socialize, and enjoy the outdoors. The theme for this year's event is "birthday bash," with a party bag given to each attending dog, along with freebies and chances to win prizes throughout the day. Dogs' Day Out 2023 offers a great opportunity for pet owners to meet like-minded individuals who share a passion for canines and provides mental enrichment and fun for the whole family. The event is free to attend on the 17th of September 2023, with parking charges applying. All are welcome, especially four-legged friends!


Burns are celebrating and everyone is invited!

With loads of fun-packed activities to get involved in, this dog-friendly event is perfect for dogs and dog lovers alike.

  • Have-a-go activities.
  • FREE party bag for your fur baby ( its Burns 30th Birthday! )
        Burns Dogs Day Out 2023!
  • Group walkies with Dog Furiendly 

          Dog Furiendly's avatar

  • Shop 'til ya drop with lots of small business (including us Brubonchi Pet Clothing & Accessories )

      Brubonchi Pet Clothing logo,

A Dogs day out for all the family!

  • Chat with  professional pet nutritionists and get free advice. They love a natter!
  • Vets and First Aid stall (safety first!)
  • Fun-packed have a go activities, fun dog show and demonstrations

This year’s Dogs’ Day Out will be “birthday bash” themed, with a party bag given to every dog attending, plus loads of freebies and prizes to be won throughout a day of fun.

Brubonchi are thrilled to be returning to the wonderful Margam Country Park! where a small selection from our website will be for sale..

The venue is easily accessible from the M4 and it offers a great space for dogs to run around, socialise and enjoy the great outdoors.

Burns Dogs Day Out 2023!

Dogs’ Day Out 2023 is a great opportunity to meet fellow passionate pet owners who are crazy for canines, while offering some quality mental enrichment to your pet and fun for the whole family.

Everyone is welcome, especially your four-legged friends!

So save the date and paw on over to Dogs’ Day Out 2023 for free on the 17th September 2023!

The event is free but parking charges apply.

SEE YOU THERE FUR FRIENDS .......Love Bruno & Bonnie :)

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