"Brubonchi Pet Harness Set Launch: Cream-themed, bone and paw prints, breathable design, metal fittings. Sizes XXS to L. January 20th, 2024. #BrubonchiPets #PetFashion"

Launch Date: Saturday 20th January 2024

"Unveiling Elegance: Brubonchi Pet Clothing & Accessories Signature Harness Set  Launch – January 20, 2024!

Elevate Your Pet's Style and Comfort with Cream-Themed Luxury."

Merry Christmas Reading Launch Date: Saturday 20th January 2024 2 minutes Next Brubonchi Donates To West Wales Poundies Rescue Dogs For 2024

🌟 Launching January 20th, 2024! 🐾 Introducing the highly anticipated Brubonchi Pet Clothing & Accessories: a signature harness, lead, and poop bag set for your furry friend! Embrace the cream-themed elegance adorned with adorable bone and paw prints, providing a perfect blend of style and comfort.

Our breathable harness is meticulously designed with two sturdy D rings for lead attachment, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. The durable metal fittings, including D rings, clips, and adjusters, guarantee longevity and resilience during every walk or adventure.

There's a matching lead that features a convenient D ring for attaching the poop bag. The poop bag completes the set with seamless coordination, equipped with a robust metal clip and zipper, ensures that you're ready for any clean-up situation.

Choose from a range of sizes, including XXS to L, to ensure the perfect fit for your beloved pet. Let them step out in the first-ever Brubonchi Pet Clothing & Accessories branded harness set, setting a new standard in pet fashion.

Join us in this exciting pet couture revolution! Elevate your pet's style and convenience on January 20, 2024 – because they deserve the best. 🐾✨ #BrubonchiPets #PetFashionLaunch #HarnessSetDebut

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