I'm Bruno and my sister is Bonnie we are two tiny Chihuahuas that love pet fashion and dressing up (obviously we need mommy's help with this)! So during the first lockdown we chatted with mommy & daddy and we decided to start BRUBONCHI..... ( BRU short for Bruno, BON short for Bonnie & CHI cus that's what we are,,,, hehe CHIHUAHUAS! ). We are a family run small business, living in and loving our home in South Wales, UK.

Everything that you see on our website is selected by us and ofcourse Mommy... Taking all of the latest fashion and trends into account we try our best to cater for everyones taste, we keep a good range of stock in house and also have suppliers that are based in the UK and overseas.

We currently have an unrivalled selection of clothing and accessories for pets - cats, dogs and small animals, with sizes to fit us and up to 9XL!    Now that's a big pet.... 

We really hope you enjoy browsing through our Collections and like our choices. But if there is something you would like in particular and don't see it.... go to the chat with us bubble and you really do chat with us... well Mommy :) or you can send us an email to: brubonchi@gmail.com 

When the weather warms up you can sometimes find us at local doggie shows with our pop up shop and a small range of products that we sell on our website... it would be lovely to meet you.

Anyway I had better get back to picking designs or Bonnie will be growling at me lol...

Lots of Love, Licks & Woofs....

Bonnie the chihuahua wearing her woolly hearts dress."Bonnie"Bruno our chihuahua wearing his fleece pullover. "Bruno"

#muchlove #staysafe

P.s Daddy carries all the boxes!