3 In 1 Lead Triple Lead BRUBONCHI  Colourful S
3 In 1 Lead Triple Lead BRUBONCHI
3 In 1 Lead Triple Lead BRUBONCHI  Black S
3 In 1 Lead Triple Lead BRUBONCHI
3 In 1 Lead Triple Lead BRUBONCHI
3 In 1 Lead Triple Lead BRUBONCHI

3 In 1 Lead

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The Multi Dog 3 in 1 Lead is a versatile and high quality pet accessory designed to make walking multiple dogs a breeze.

Made from durable and strong nylon material, this lead features three individual leashes that are connected to a single point, allowing you to walk up to three dogs at once.

Each of the three leashes is designed with strong black clips that ensure the safety and security of your pets. These clips are highly durable and can withstand even the most energetic dogs, providing you with complete peace of mind while walking your furry friends.

In addition to its functionality, the Multi 3 in 1 Lead is also designed with comfort in mind. The lead features a soft padded foam handle that provides a comfortable grip, ensuring that you can maintain control of your dogs without experiencing any discomfort or strain.

This lead is perfect for pet owners who enjoy walking multiple dogs at once, as it eliminates the need for multiple leashes and provides a more streamlined walking experience. The durable construction of the lead ensures that it can withstand daily use, while the comfortable foam handle makes it easy and comfortable to use.

Overall, the Multi 3 in 1 Lead is an excellent investment for pet owners who want a high quality, versatile, and comfortable pet accessory for walking multiple dogs.

Its durable nylon material and strong black clips, coupled with its comfortable foam handle, make it a practical and functional choice for any dog owner.

Season: All seasons

Material: Nylon.

In Colours: Black, Multicoloured.

In Size: S, M, L.

Leash Total Length: 190 cm / 74.80 inches.
Master Rope Length: 120 cm / 47.24 inches.
Auxiliary Rope Length: 70 cm / 27.56 inches.



Main Rope Diameter

Auxiliary Rope Diameter


8 mm

6 mm


10 mm

8 mm


12 mm

10 mm