Camo Studded Collar Collars BRUBONCHI
Camo Studded Collar Collars BRUBONCHI  Pink XS
Camo Studded Collar Collars BRUBONCHI  Camouflage XS

Camo Studded Collar

Sale price$24.00
Size:XS 5x51CM

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 Introducing the Camo Studded Collar, a stylish and durable accessory for your beloved pet. Made from quality vegan leather, this collar features bold and eye catching studs that will make your furry friend stand out in any crowd.

The collar is available in a range of sizes, making it suitable for dogs of all shapes and sizes. It is also adjustable, ensuring the perfect fit for your pet.

The Camo Studded Collar is perfect for all seasons, with a design that is both versatile and timeless. The camo pattern adds a touch of ruggedness and adventure to your pet's look, while the studs provide a touch of edgy coolness.

Not only is this collar stylish, but it is also practical and durable. The vegan leather material ensures that the collar will withstand even the most active of pets, while also providing comfort and security.

In summary, if you're looking for a cool and durable collar for your furry friend, the Camo Studded Collar is the perfect choice. With its fabulous camo pattern, adjustable size, and all season wear, it is sure to be a favourite for both you and your pet.

In Colours: Pink, Green.

In Sizes: XS, S, M, L.

   Width - Length.
XS:  5  x  51CM
S:     5  x  56CM 
M:    5  x  61CM 
L:     5  x  66CM 

*Please measure your pet from the size chart before ordering.