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No Pull Harness

No Pull Harness


2 sturdy metal lead attachment points with reinforced webbing, front clip to discourage pulling and back clip for relaxed walks. Ergonomic design, pulling pressure is evenly distributed through the body to prevent choking.


It's super easy to put on, just simply slip it over the head and then snap both sides into place behind each leg! NO need to step into it.


It’s reflective for night walking. It is also great when you walk near busy roads or in town as car lights reflect off the harness.


There are 4-way adjustable straps, providing a snug fit and no interfering with your dogs mobility. Also, It will grow with your puppy.


Scratch-Resistant outer layer of oxford material which is super easy to clean. Quick-drying. Soft breathable padded non-toxic mesh,, which gives optimal comfort while exercising.


  • First,  measure the dog’s chest , this is the most important.
  • Second, please measure the dog’s neck circumference.

*Please measure your dog's chest circumference at the same location as the line shown in the size picture.

*When used & fitted properly this harness is excellent for restricting your dogs pulling habits! *The front clip is to restrict pulling!

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By shopping with BRUBONCHI you are supporting a Pet Charity!

R.S.P.C.A - Llys Nini Animal Centre.

Giving back is important to Brubonchi, that is why we have decided to support our local animal shelter - RSPCA Llys Nini.
With every purchase from our online store, we will be donating to help animals in need.

To make the most impact, we have decided to run a tiered giving method. That way we can give as much as possible while running our business.

  • We will be donating 2% from all orders up to £35 pounds.
  • This will increase to 8% for all orders up to £60.
  • And we will be donating 10% of revenue for any orders above £60.

RSPCA Llys Nini’s commitment to their sheltered animals and the work they do in Swansea and the wider area is amazing, but they need all the help they can get. 

Please help them to help more animals and be the home of Happy Endings. You can feel good walking down the street knowing your purchase has helped a homeless animal.

A little about  Llys Nini...
Over 14,500 Animals rescued & rehomed since 1995.
The RSPCA Branch was established by animal-loving volunteers in the Swansea and Neath areas nearly 200 years ago. Llys Nini helps hundreds of animals in need every year.

Although affiliated to the RSPCA Llys Nini is not funded by them.

If you want to learn more about the amazing work they do and the fur babies that are looking for their forever homes, click the Llys Nini photo below...

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