Special Occasion Formal Suit
Special Occasion Formal Suit
Special Occasion Formal Suit
Special Occasion Formal Suit
Special Occasion Formal Suit
Special Occasion Formal Suit

Special Occasion Formal Suit

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Gentleman Dog Formal Wear 

Material: cotton
Breed: Suitable for Small Dogs

Shirt Jumpsuit Sizes:
XS:   Bust 31cm; Back Length 20cm , Neck 24cm
S:     Bust 36cm; Back Length 24cm , Neck 27cm
M:    Bust 42cm; Back Length 29cm , Neck 30cm
L:     Bust 48cm; Back Length 34cm , Neck 33cm
XL:   Bust 54cm; Back Length 39cm , Neck 37cm
XXL: Bust 62cm; Back Length 43cm , Neck 41cm

Waistcoat Vest Sizes:
XS:   Bust 34cm; Back Length 13cm , Neck 25cm
S:     Bust 41cm; Back Length 16cm , Neck 31cm
M:   Bust 47cm; Back Length 19.5cm Neck 35cm
L:     Bust 53cm; Back Length 22cm , Neck 40cm
XL:   Bust 58cm; Back Length 25cm , Neck 44cm
XXL: Bust 64cm; Back Length 29cm , Neck 50cm

*Please don't choose a size according to your pets usual size, Measure your pet's neck, chest and back length. If your pet is still growing, please choose a size bigger.

How To Measure Your Dogs Body

Please note all of our products have their own Size Chart attached, please refer to these before purchase. 

How to Measure Your Pet.

*When measuring please make sure your pet is still, not hunched up and the tape measure is not loose.

Measure the back length first to find the correct size. Then check that the chest & neck measurement of the product is not too small for your dog.

1. Back Length - The dog's body length refers to the distance between the shoulder and the hips. It is recommended that the length of the dog's clothes is the same as the dog's actual body length

2. Neck - Measure around your pets neck at collar height.

3. Chest - Measure all the way around your dogs chest just behind the front legs. Because the dog has fur and the range of movement is large, the chest size of the dog's clothes needs to be 3cm larger than the actual chest of the dog.

How to choose the right size for your pet.

1. Measure your pets chest, back length and neck circumference, then choose the appropriate size according to the product size chart.

2. The size of the clothes you choose should be 2-3 cm larger than the size of your pet, this allows for fur and movement.

3. For two leg Clothes please pay attention to the chest size.

4. For four legs, clothing must fit for the chest and the back length.

5. For growing pets choose the bigger size.


 How to Measure Your Dogs Feet.

  1. Have your dog stand on a piece of paper.
  2. Trace around the paw with a pencil, making sure to include the nails.
  3. Using your tracing, measure the widest part of the paw.
  4. Using your tracing, measure the longest part of the paw.

If your dog cannot stand, you can take these measurements by placing the paw on the paper and pressing down to mimic the natural splay of the paw when standing.


 It is the buyers responsibility to check they have the right size for their pet. 





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